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High Air Pressure DTH hammer

There are two kinds of High Pressure DTH Hammer.High air pressure DTH hammer with foot valve and High air pressure DTH hammer without foot valve,following is the advantage of these two kinds. 1.High Air pressure with foot valve has the following advantagView details>>  Download

DTH Bits

We can design and manufacture according to customer's requirement of the Bit Dia,No if air holes,carbide button shape and the face shape. View details>>  Download

Middle-Low Air Pressure DTH hammer

HBR1A,HBR2A and HBR3A series DTH hammers are designed to operate efficiently at low air pressures and medium air pressures,using BR series bits. The main features are as follows: 1.The operating air pressures are between 0.7 Mpa and 1.75Mpa. 2.Valveless View details>>  Download

Low Air Pressure DTH hammer

HR Series DTH hammer,a kind of valved-equipped Low-Air-Pressure hammer with a single piston,a plate valve and a central exhaust structure.The compressed air is aldopted as the driving force.To prevent dust pollution and get a better performance,some high-View details>>  Download
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